a technology that surfaces hundreds of thousands of reviews, demos, tutorials, unboxing and impressions videos about products, destinations and brands - in streamlined fashion and at scale.
They had no brand, no visual identity, and their product had no user interface.

We created their first branding around the original idea.

Then they grew and evolved and added more products and technologies:

So they came back to us...

Chat With Daniel Peled, VP Marketing
  • What were the brand values that you wanted to convey?
  • Visual, advanced technology/AI, focus on e-commerce.
  • What was the goal you wanted to achieve with the new re-branding and website? Why change?
  • We have grown from a company with a single offering to serving additional needs of our clients. So we needed to change our branding accordingly.
  • We went back to the drawing board

    Chat With Daniel Peled, VP Marketing
    • What was your experience working with us?
    • It was very good, very detailed planning, setting expectations in terms of deadlines, very open. Really, can't ask for much more.
    • Are you happy with the results?
    • Very very happy with the results.
    • What's did impact did the project have on the company?
    • We completely changed our brand, our mission statement and our vision, this is fully implemented in the site. The whole company matured (marketing wise) as part of this project
    • How are your values reflected in the new brand?
    • We show a visual portray of where the impact of our solution can be (in terms of verticals) with the enablement of technology (the cellphone). Elad and the team integrated our brand values into a visual story.
    • How are they different than the early brand?
    • 100% different, can't compare a startup with an idea/ 1 product and a company with an visual marketing offering for ecommerce players.

  • Shortly after the launch of the new brand, the company sold the productized sections of their business and concentrated their entire resources on their cutting edge image recognition technology, offered via API.

    The design of their website was flexible enough to easily adapt to this change.